Sunday 10 May 2015


The Highness,

Dear Mummy,
In this lifetime, the values that I live by are the precious gifts of lifetime and here is my little gratitude to you through this short letter.
Share and care are the precious feelings that I have come to acquire through you, they have plenty of emotions and attachments being fixed to them. They have plenty of it to capture in the moments that pass by and there-by rendering the times even better. Through you, I have come to inculcate these precious skills in me.
With your showering of feelings of care and share, there came the feelings of affection within me. These bind the beautiful minds and souls. They make me to be connected to others and let me to spend some of the quality time, may be out of charity with one's own self or in the company of others. They have proved out to be the lifetime assets for me.
The satisfaction that I have attained through sharing and caring is immense and has no substitutes, what-so-ever the state may be. The mind gets inner peace and calmness. One can definitely experience the deep pleasure associated, when one gets bound to these feelings.
It's the insight that have been a gift from you to me that prompts me to take the important the decisions that I make, which have been fruitful to me in several ways. Sharing and caring must be done at the right time, at the right place and with the right person, is what I have learnt from you.
Sharing and caring are the selfless feelings. These can soothe the person's inner core. These are the feelings that begin at home. I have been trying to be your best and making myself proud through the inculcation of values within me that are largely the reflection of yours.
What I have come to know is to be kind enough to everyone and take the appropriate measures at the right time. Also, the art that there is no point in developing personal grudges towards other individuals and instead live a life of ease. Definitely, one can always make the efforts to better up one's life with effective actions.
Learning to share and care are the best acts one could ever practice in the lifetime, which I have been cultivated within me through you. I would continue to learn and seek these with your blessings and the art of living that you possess.
The blessed child that I have been are the results of your reflection. You are a mirror, whose reflection is I am, and I graciously take the pride in walking being your daughter.

Yours honestly,
With Love
Loving Daughter!

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