Wednesday 2 December 2015

The Love for the Delhi City!

Design, Drive and Connect!
When one talks of the city of Delhi, these three features of the city are very well acknowledged and are much talked about. The city guards and dwells around these features quite aptly and strongly and offers best to the locals, tourists, travellers, students, professionals and everyone in a hospitable manner and regards their visit to this beautiful city.
Coming to talk of the designing of the city of Delhi, it has been one of the major capital city even during the historical times when the kingdom rule prevailed in India. Since the old times the city has been very well laid and connected with the other towns and cities in the vicinity and far away. The city has a long historical background and speaks volumes about the importance and the significance that it holds. It is amazing to be connected and be a  part of this beautiful place which gives lots of options to explore in all the corners of Delhi ranging from food, clothing, shopping, tourist spots, historical buildings, museums, education and several others.
The driving through the city involves less of hassles at almost all the time of the year, though little slow during winters due to the smog and fog, which is otherwise not a major issue, because the roads are well laid throughout the city which makes it smooth drive to the place one wants to move and travel to. Also the lightings on the road are properly taken care by MCD and are corrected if any problem arises. The partitions on the roads are planted with the plants and trees with a motive to spread greenery across the city and make it cleaner and greener. This comes as a pleasant scenery to the travellers as it is soothing to the eyes and is a good view while traveling.
The connectivity within the city has been one of the best in the country with good quality roads and infrastructure all around. There are several measures being taken to improve the already laid roads and connectivity means which makes the traveling even more easier and comfortable. The journey becomes memorable with the smooth drives which involves less amount of hassles. 
To this day, the city is very well connected from one corner to another through the airways, with international and national airport into the city; and also the roadways with properly laid roads throughout the city connecting well the other neighbouring states, making it a worthwhile experience for all staying here and for all those who travel to this beautiful city to make beautiful memories and connect with the national capital territory Delhi of India. Also, the services available here are planned efficiently and mostly pocket- effective and do not cause huge burden on the people residing, visiting, touring and living across the city.

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