Saturday 4 April 2015

Importance of FRUITS!

Fruits are the most important part of our diet and should consitute the significant portion of out diet plan as they are the prime and pure source of carbohydrates in the form of sugars and fibres. The water content of the frutis relenishes and relinquishes the system.

The freshness feeling that is generated after the consumption of fruits is amazing. The whole of the body system and mechanism feels good. The body feels rejuvenated and thus foods hold a lot of significance in our life. It is important that a good balance is maintained of fruits in out diet.

Fibres should be consumed in maximum amount and there is no better source for fibres other than fruits. Thus, they should by all means form the vital part of our diet.

Different fruits contain different type of vitamins and minerals and thus, we must keep a variation in the variety of fuits that we tend to consume. Also, the fruits carry the natural sugars in them and thus should form the major part of our diet.

Thus, keeping in mind the essence that fruits provide us along-with the benefits that they serve is splendid, and hence their consumption should become a habit.

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