Tuesday 23 June 2015

On Father's Day! #HugYourDad

To talk of a father and daughter relationship here through the page where I express myself freely and today it has been my pleasure to write about some of the wonderful moments that I have had in my life and would still love to have for many more years to come.

The best of the gifts that I have received from my father have been the hugs and the courage with which he has brought all of the siblings in a challenging environment with the calmness and composed nature being managed and maintained throughout his character. There is nothing better than the gift of a priceless hug from a father that takes away all the pains, worries and sorrows away, no matter whatever the situation may be. What better could a person ask for in life when the worries and tensions in life are washed away ? I have never seen him discontented with life or with any other situation. One of the greatest gifts my father has given me, unintentionally though, has been witnessing the strength with which he bore adversity in the earlier of life. We had a bit of a roller- coaster life with some really challenging financial periods, which has now come to be stable with the blessings of the Lord and the hard work that he has done in life, which made all of us confident and bold enough to live life with grace in all the phases and situations that life offers us. What has been the best thing is that he has always remained unshaken in the tough times, completely satisfied and tranquil with the determination to do good in life, the same smiling and contended, laughing, and a happy man.

It was this Father's day that me and my father decided to have an outing for both of us and talk out our hearts; and to the best of interests it turned out a great affair. We met, we hugged each other, we shared the talks, a lot of things about life, time and tide. It has always been inspiring and great to talk to him, the comfort that is being instilled in me each time I hug and talk to him for hours. The smiles that we bore on this special day, celebrating and cherishing it to the core, making it count as one of the best day was brat beyond expectations.

It was an amazing #HugYourDad day! The amazement! The fun! The awesomeness! It was indeed great.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda

#HugYourDad - The best hug!

Well coming to talk of hugs on the special occasion of Father's Day is something brings back and flashes all the memories that I have with my dad and I still have the all the memories well intact with me of all the best times I have with him. 
Though I have been now married for 5 years and it is really not quite possible all the time to manage out time on these occasions to meet dad at his home, due to a lot of limitations and the responsibilities that set in as a result of the busy and hectic life's schedules.
Thinking of the times when me and my dad profoundly hugged each other was on his birthday. I planned to give him a surprise visit to his home and celebrate his great day with him. It was then when I shared my hug with him and the comfort that it had threw away all my worries and made me calm. 
The hug that I shared with my dad was one of the best gifts we were both giving to each other. There have been no better feelings that I have ever exchanged than the warm hug I receive from him each time. For a daughter, there is nothing than the love that she gets from her father and the blessings that are being bestowed each time giving strength and courage to face all the situations with a smile on the face. Every time we see other, the first thing happens first and that is the hug that is shared between us. Also, he always has some amazing message to pass on to me as a new learning and I have become used to it. I really feel great to learn a new lesson from him each time I meet him and hug him. 
Father is the first and the foremost teacher for a daughter, though not neglecting the essence and importance of mother in life. The comfort of a daughter-father relationship is well one of the best bonds that have existed on the phase of the Earth and I am blessed to have shared this amazing bond with my father in one of the best manner. The way he treats me is beyond the words of explanation and something I shall keep as memories with me till my last breath. It is rightly said that daughters are the princess for their dads and for me, my father has been the best King and has fulfilled and kept all the promises each time. 

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda.