Friday 13 November 2015

My heart walking around me- My mother! #MadeOfGreat

Mother, by God's grace is the most precious gift anyone could ever possess, and I am one proud daughter to have you to enshrine me in all the spheres of life and keeping my motivation levels to the highest levels. She is one such being of which every human being could always be proud of. The child, be it however, the selfless love of the mother for her child is commendable and no fingers could ever confront her.

There is no science or maths statistics being invented, discovered or developed so far that could measure the depth of the profound love of the mother. The thousand miles journey begins with the love of Mother. She makes her child learn the first steps. She rejoices every step, every growth, every progress of her kid. She is a gem. Rightly said, Mother is next to God.

She sees her child stepping out that first step kept ahead. She gets delighted and rejoices every moment of that growth. She smiles at our smiles. She frowns at our sadness. She is one creature who can render her own. She is the shadow of a child. She is the mirror of the child. She is the costliest bearer.

Her, the mother, has a heart full of love and gratitude. She is the one who can transform the life and evolve an individual into a person that one desires to be. She is always the first one to assist and look beyond to fulfil the pending desires and dreams. She enables and nourishes with the power to succeed.

Mother is the creature to absorb the impatience and any kind of frustration that could occupy any part of brain or soul. She guides the speed of our own compliance, capability, patience, values, potential meter, etc. It's so difficult to understand the deprivation of mother's love from an orphan child, who could never experience the richness of this most expensive possession of mankind ever. Mother-child is the most purest and a holy kind of relationship.

It means so much to have mother's love. Nothing could ever replace it, and with no doubts nothing would ever replace or conquer this. No robots shall be designed that could take over this form of love and care, no matter how much progress and development mankind makes.

She has been an iron lady for me throughout and shall always continue to be. The levels to which I have made the progress today, I owe all of it to her. She not only inspires me in several innumerable ways, infact all of my friends and fellows feel inspired when they talk to her. It is a great pleasure for everyone to have her around. Her sense of humour can wake up any sad human and bring in the hopes and colours into the person's life. Being accepted by everyone around is a great honour for a person. Not having any huge accolades to her name, but for me she is the world, she deserves to be mentioned here in the post who has been a great person for me and in the little professional and personal life that I have around me.

Thank you mumma, for being there in all the aspects of my life, lifting me in my lows, keeping me grounded in my high times. Not just in this life, I shall ask for you as my mother in all of my lives, if there is any concept of rebirth and related stories.

Here, I would also like to know your thoughts on the same and also about the person who has been an inspiration for you. Also, What makes Lionel Messi as a wise choice by the TATA motors ? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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Saturday 7 November 2015

Softest for the baby!

Newborn babies can't do much on their own, that is one of the facts that all of us know and the people around the kid, like the parents, grandparents, the elder siblings, or the other elders out there to handle the infant in the best of the manner so that the child is grown up in a healthy and caring state. Every parent is sure that their creation is without a doubt a tremendous sensation.

Bringing up the child in a healthy and hearty state is the dream of all the parents and it is also their responsibility to ensure the upbringing of their child in a manner that would be beneficial and joyous enough to rejoice the life. 

During the infancy, the blood of the child is fresh, strong and the amount of energy in the child is plentiful. There is a tremendous sync between the mind and body, thought and action are essentially one. Everything that the parents do must be in harmony with the natural order and care must be taken that the artificial orders are kept away. The infant is affected quite a lot by things that happen in and around it. Taking care of the body and health is a different thing altogether. Also the virtue and ethics cannot restrain it's will. Naked and free of social conventions, the child follows the natural path of the parents acts and actions. So, the child should not be a victim of anything that would harm it in any way.

The natural products such as baby massage oil is one of the major essential natural product that works wonders in ensuring the proper growth and development of the bones and muscles of the child. Also, the clothing's should be taken proper care off. The toys which the child is given should be safe because they often have the tendency to take things to their mouth. Also, the pillows and other things used for the baby should be soft and smooth and should not lead to rashes on the skin of the baby. 

Last but not the least, the diapers used for the baby should be of good quality and ensure proper health and hygiene of the baby. This is due to several reasons which make it a trustworthy and a great shot for the mothers for their new born babies. The major benefits of these are being a good bringing up of the baby, free of any sort of hassles. These things make it more important and reliable. Also, the trust strengthens as the bringing up of the baby is done in a healthy way with all these issues being taken care off properly. These all points and factors increase the bundle of joy and gives reasons to celebrate and rejoice.

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

Tender and gentler!

In the times that we have come to live in which keeps the parents and everyone around in a busy schedule for themselves, it is important to take in adequate care and notice that the babies are not ignored and properly taken care of with the best of the possible interests.
Few of the important things that can be done to take the utmost and best care of the baby to keep the skin smoother, softer and smarter. They could range from choosing the best oil for the massage of the baby, the bathing soaps, the creams used for the nourishment of the baby, the clothes that the child is put into, the beddings and pillows, and the diapers that prove to be a boon to the kid to stay dry, clean, healthy and hygienic throughout the day. 
Olive oil and almond oil massage for the baby is a great boon for the baby. It makes the bones and muscles of the child strong and aids in proper growth and development of the baby. Good amount of care should be given to provide quality massage to the baby. This shall lead to proper nourishment of the baby.
The quality of the bedding of the child should be soft and smooth which should prevent any sort of rashes on the tender skin of the baby. The care should be taken that it does not lead to any kind of skin problem as this would be cause of irritation and roughness on the skin.
The diapers of the baby should be properly chosen so that do not lead to any rashes to the baby and provide adequate care to the baby. The quality of the product should not be ignored and properly seen. This would keep the baby healthy and hygienic which is very important to keep the baby away from several problems and shall keep the ailments away. It is important that baby is kept neat and clean at all times without any compromises and delays. Diapers in this case serve a healthy purpose and it should be ensured that they are of good quality taking into notice the information being provided on the packet covers of the product.
Babies are very gentle and soft and thus they should be handled very carefully so that they become healthy kids and later responsible individuals. Upbringing right from the infancy matters a lot and makes a huge impact and difference in the later lives.
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