Friday 29 July 2016

The art of story telling and magics unveiled!

When was the last time your child told you a story? It’s time to unlock their imagination.

The new Colgate Strong Teeth packs come with interesting sea creatures & some trivia inside them. There are 4 different packs. Kids can cut, play & learn. What’s more? They could do the story telling this time by weaving their imagination together.
This was the interesting idea that Colgate came up with this time to please the kids with the amazing characters from the sea world and unplug their imagination in the best possible ways, and it could be none other than story telling for the children. To my surprise I did not know these packs could unveil the imagination of the kids in the wonderful manner where they would involve themselves in learning in one of the most creative ways where they learnt and played, simultaneously.
Story telling has been a great way of imparting and learning lessons since the times immemorial and it has been proved adequate and apt this time too in the case of my kids. They could link and relate things of real life with the stories that they were building and creating with the amazing packs from Colgate which had several stories weaved into the characters on them. Also, the development of the creativity enabled me to understand the psychology and analysing ability of the kids. 
The children have been playing around with their friends and everyone in the family with these sea world characters on the packs and weaving their amazing world with the stories. Also, it has been a great way of engaging themselves into conversation with others and developing communication skills which is a great way of learning.
One of the story that surprised me was the one related to the depletion of the environment and largely the water bodies. The story was weaved in such a creative manner that I was surprised as, the kids brought into the point as to how animals are harmed, fishes losing their lives, sailors leaving the effluents into the sea polluting the environment, mermaids helping the sea animals to the best of their ability and later finding the magical want in the treasure box which eradicates the ships and sailors from the sea and making the sea a beautiful world of surviving and living in the most healthiest manner. It was pleasant experience to see such stories and narrations flowing from the children.
Learning with the pictures, art and craft and graffiti is a great way as this creatures pictures and images into the minds of the children which create a life long learning and last for lifetime. This is a great way to get the child engaged in studying and learning and coming up with their own ideas of development and growth. This is one of the pleasant experience for any parent to see their child growing in a gracious manner that would unveil and discover lots of possibilities and hidden talent in the child.
Colgate has done a marvellous job by sending the packs and unleashing this art of story telling from my children. I am thankful to the team. Cheers and kudos on this development of the ideas.
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