Sunday 10 May 2015

Sharing is Caring #ShareTheLoad!


In the times that we have come to live and reside a part of ourselves in, we should see and analyse that the sharing of load is essential and should not merely be misinterpreted and misunderstood as simply women's job. It is important to workout on the possibilities of reducing her burden and aid her in carrying out the tasks and several other responsibilities in an efficient and time- saving manner.

Imagining his scenario – where Husband and wife decide to go for a leisurely lunch on a Sunday. The husband gets ready on time and whiles away his time while the wife tries to finish the household chores before leaving for lunch. The delay sours the mood of the couple, which results in a spoiled outing. This is just one example where the inequality in the household chores causes problems in a home.

This is the example presented and also portrays a true situation to a large extent of the mentalities and status that prevails in the Indian household and society today. There is nothing to feel ashamed for men carrying out the household work and helping the female hands in completing the task. It just makes things appear simpler, better and easier for everyone around. This proves to be a great support for everyone in the family helping each other with the household chores and finishing the works timely.

It is important that both men and women in the home realise the value of each other and aid each other in their tasks, and help in carrying out the life's responsibilities successfully. It can be considered a battleground where the choices could be select from the two options which could be, firing of the bullet from the same gun to kill the enemy or using several guns to fire at the enemy at the same time. Obviously, in the second state it would be easier and quicker where the task is completed in less time and in a time and energy efficient manner. This would lead to the glory soon. 

Also, sharing is caring and it is great to handle and manage the tasks with the females in the household activities. It reduces the burden and make things happen at the right time and at the right place with the right pace. This would reduce the work load of everyone and everyone shall be happily lending the prosperous end to the day.

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The Highness,

Dear Mummy,
In this lifetime, the values that I live by are the precious gifts of lifetime and here is my little gratitude to you through this short letter.
Share and care are the precious feelings that I have come to acquire through you, they have plenty of emotions and attachments being fixed to them. They have plenty of it to capture in the moments that pass by and there-by rendering the times even better. Through you, I have come to inculcate these precious skills in me.
With your showering of feelings of care and share, there came the feelings of affection within me. These bind the beautiful minds and souls. They make me to be connected to others and let me to spend some of the quality time, may be out of charity with one's own self or in the company of others. They have proved out to be the lifetime assets for me.
The satisfaction that I have attained through sharing and caring is immense and has no substitutes, what-so-ever the state may be. The mind gets inner peace and calmness. One can definitely experience the deep pleasure associated, when one gets bound to these feelings.
It's the insight that have been a gift from you to me that prompts me to take the important the decisions that I make, which have been fruitful to me in several ways. Sharing and caring must be done at the right time, at the right place and with the right person, is what I have learnt from you.
Sharing and caring are the selfless feelings. These can soothe the person's inner core. These are the feelings that begin at home. I have been trying to be your best and making myself proud through the inculcation of values within me that are largely the reflection of yours.
What I have come to know is to be kind enough to everyone and take the appropriate measures at the right time. Also, the art that there is no point in developing personal grudges towards other individuals and instead live a life of ease. Definitely, one can always make the efforts to better up one's life with effective actions.
Learning to share and care are the best acts one could ever practice in the lifetime, which I have been cultivated within me through you. I would continue to learn and seek these with your blessings and the art of living that you possess.
The blessed child that I have been are the results of your reflection. You are a mirror, whose reflection is I am, and I graciously take the pride in walking being your daughter.

Yours honestly,
With Love
Loving Daughter!

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The Load Sharing!

"Women speak because they wish to speak, whereas a man speaks only when driven to speak by something outside himself like, for instance, he can't find any clean socks." - Jean Krr
Wonderful Jean Sir, you have put it out so efficiently into the words the plight of the women since centuries, where they are simply loaded with responsibilities and are still been mocked at with just simple weird comments from the society.
Coming to speak of it, Women are simply the beautiful objects, who have since the times immemorial have been doing amazingly superb and have proven their worth despite several odds and taboos being associated and attached with her. Now, in the times that we are living in, it is important that we share the loads and responsibilities equally with the men, who ponder to head shoulder- to- shoulder.
When the talks of the house- hold chores and activities pour in, the human- beings have this tendency of relating it largely with the women and making the responsibilities pour on to their head. It should be realised that the women are also the beings like men and should not simply be fired to carry on the house- hold activities of everyone. The burden should be adequately shared and carried out in a responsible manner.
The children should be taught this art, as this would make them efficient and responsible citizens, in several ways, where they shall be dependent and do not have to look forward for someone else to carry out their work. The children should be taught to carry out their works and must be made responsible for certain works and tasks. This would make them meet their needs and demands in a proper manner. This would teach them good management and managerial skills of their time and money.
The males in the home should also take care that the works are managed out effectively as this would make it easier for the females to carry out several other important tasks with accuracy and in a proper manner. This would make everyone around happy with the equal share of burden of the tasks and responsibilities. This would lead a more balanced home and shall make everyone great in the art of handling out different phases and attributes of life graciously and in a healthy manner. 
This would bring down the inequality rates that prevail in the homes and this shall lead to the execution of the tasks and acts aptly in a efficient manner.
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Friday 8 May 2015

Importance of Optimism in life!

Life is a beautiful blessing and a gift and that has been bestowed upon us in several forms. I am thankful to the gracious Lord who has provided me a very luxurious and comfortable life with all the beauties, hopes and aspirations for the best things that keep making me to look forward in life with optimism.
The story is dated back to the days of late 90's. I acquired jaundice and was driven into a life threatening situation. I was battling for my life. And, now when I am writing this post, for sure, I won the battle that time and life changed for me since then. The reasons being manifold, like the love and care of the family that sometimes I took for granted, for I always had them and used to take things casually.
Now, I am a changed person. I have shifted from being a pessimistic to optimistic person. I have learned to give and take importance to lots of issues in life. I love people around myself and serve them in the best possible manner.
I still remember the state of unconsciousness that had hit me, and when I gained back consciousness I was startled with the number of family members surrounding me. My mother was in tears, may be she had been crying since long then seeing my serious condition. My daughter was out for exams and she was not informed for all that happened to me. My husband was standing next to my hospital hand running hands across my hair, for helping to regain my conscious state and the lips constantly moving, may be they were the prayers that were continuously coming out from him, for as soon as I looked at him, he looked up and thanked God, for he dearly loved me.
In the journey of life miracles do happen. It is necessary for all of us to realize and I am thankful to get up from the worst state. The state from what I got up and walked was nothing less than a miracle. Doctors smiled and were thankful to Almighty. They brought smiles to everyone in the family and made everyone around comfortable and hopeful. I smiled on seeing everyone around me smile.
Since that day, I worked upon myself and thought to keep myself filled with great lessons of  optimism. I planned to be high on positive thoughts and make life more happy and peaceful. That was a life changing moment for me and my family. I was seeing a lot of things happening around me. I could sense the importance of family and the near-dear ones in life. One should not take things for granted and pay heed to the little pleasures in life. I was starting a new life. I was blessed to be with the best people of my life. I was with the people who have been there with me in the worst times and stood by me in my testing times, and with the ones who love me so much. I planned to bring million smiles to their faces. I decided to be grateful for whatever I had. I gave up on my complaining attitude towards life.
It is important for all the individuals in their life to realise the value of the slightest things in life for all the things that are showered and bestowed upon us are a blessing in one form or the other. I am thankful to my family who made me realize the importance of a lot of things and brought in me a change that changed my view for life and filled me lots of hope and optimism. The blessings should be counted and should be remarked and thanked for they have their own beauty in life. 
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Ek Nayi League!


Life is a beautiful game and we must live it to the best of our efforts. It serves a lot on its plate and makes us to make the best choices according to our preferences, needs and desires. It is important for all of us to make the efforts necessary to achieve the choices that we have made in life.

Listening about the varying aspects of failures and success through the eminent people is what sets the morale high for a lot of individuals and it aids one to plan and proceed accordingly. It is important that such shows and leagues happen as it assists a lot of budding individuals to schedule and act in the journey of life.

In "Ek Nayi League" by Kapil Dev, he must be showing the optimistic approach to people through their own lens and making people positive about their thoughts and life. In order to make people feel motivated and optimistic in the journey of their life could be the idea of this new league.

The thing that he has been trying to find out through the talks through celebrities and several other people could be follow an optimistic approach in life even after we see failures and meet them in the journey of life. This is a great idea to motivate people through their failures and making people conquer over their fear of failures.

Kapil Dev shall be in a journey to make people understand that we should face the failures with grace and accept them, and then move ahead with one's head held high. Every person in the journey of life sees failures. It is the failures that guide an individual to the journey of success and other beautiful paths in life. Even the celebrities who have achieved great laurels in life faced failures in their lifetime to reach where they are at the moment.

Though "Ek Nayi League" has so far been kept a secret, it would be great to explore and know what it is going to be about since it would be coming from an eminent person like Kapil Dev.

Well, coming to know about Kapil Dev, I have heard a lot about him from my uncle who in his early days have played lot of cricket with him. A cheerful and focussed person, with high levels of determination and enthusiasm which is where he stands in life with great reputations.

It would be a great way to bring out to people the stories of great sports- persons and other eminent personalities who have been the role models of a number of people in the country. This could be a nice way to enhance the motivation levels of people through the explorations of twists and turns of the people who have achieved great heights in life. Learning through the experiences of other people is a great way to take the learning and move ahead in life. Learning is a great art and getting into the possession of it through the best examples in life would be a great asset to the individual.

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