Tuesday 17 October 2017

Diwali Cleaning! #CleanUpCashOut

Diwali cleaning is one of the most serious business and the mothers would rely on us to keep our rooms spick and span atleast at this time of the year. Not to come as a surprise for the modern day kids and to the whole lot of new generation, it should be cleaned and dusted away with the unwanted and useless lying objects, the so called gadgets, following it with decoration of the colourful lanterns, wall hangings, and diyas amongst other decorative items and the best possible of keeping our rooms and homes presentable.

As a kid I had been very fond of gadgets and needed their replacements quite often. As a result of this, I have so many gadgets to date which I have kept as a kind of souvenir with me, because I had no idea about the selling of old gadgets and getting cash out of it, as they would be of no more use to me, precisely because of the upgradations and the enhancements in the field of science and technology. I have always been so fond of gadgets that even my relatives, friends and family most of the times gift me some or the gadget to me on my special occasions. This can surely make me to say a good collector of goods, goodies and gadgets. Coming to talk about them, my mother and sister have asked me to get rid of the gadgets which I no longer use and lying as a waste in the shelf.

I asked few of my friends for ideas as to how I can make the best out of the old gadgets I have and if anyone of my friends wants to take them from me. One of my good friends asked me to put advertisements on online platforms and see if I get some response. But to my delight I did not get any great response. While browsing and checking online, I found another site named CASHIFY, I thought to try it out too. I made an account on Cashify and checked the status from time to time, and I saw some healthy response for few of my gadgets and then I decided to upload information and pictures about my gadgets which I wanted to sell.

There I started getting responses in regard to my gadgets as soon as I uploaded at reasonable prices and to my surprise I could sell almost all of them within a week. I saw some funny, weird and irritating questions from buyers on several sites, but Cashify provided me a strong platform where I did not have to negotiate and sell out my gadgets without any hassle.

Out of all the questions, one of the most encountered one was why was I selling my gadget and what is the problem with the gadget, despite uploading all the details and ensuring the proper working and condition of the gadget before handling over to the buyer. Though it did not surprise me much, but sometimes it gets irritating to answer the same question 'n' number of times. This was largely prevented on Cashify platform.

Also, the privacy issues and concerns were very well carried out by Cashify which ensured a secured platform for buying and selling on an online platform where privacy concerns at the top-notch.

Thirdly, the demand and supply concerns over the Cashify platform are genuine and the concerns are addressed appropriately.

Fourthly, the user- friendly platform provided at Cashify counter is praise worthy. The users concerns are carried out in a proper manner with a team assigned to deal with customer grievances.

Having addressed some of the major concerns, it bought in me a sense of confidence where I could buy and sell products safely and in a proper environment. This is a great way to #CleanUpCashOut

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