Wednesday 21 October 2015

The essence of real togetherness!

Real togetherness in life is zoo important that it surpasses all other joys but the times in which we have come to land ourselves, digital media and online communication has come into mainframe. Instead, this should be kept as a second option and the real meetings and togetherness should be given prime importance.
Nature plays an important role in the getting together and meetings of the people as nature is being praised and loved by all and everyone is mesmerised with the beauty of the nature as it has pleasant environment to offer along with the company of the other individuals. Nature has always been grateful in making the people meet and offering them lot of gifts in the form of its vast and varied beauty.
Though with the stepping in of the smart phones and online -digital media into our life, the distances have become shorter, but it is very important to step out and meet people in the real life as it strengthens the bonds and has its own charm associated with it. Real togetherness shows the strength of the bonds and helps in building relationships in a strong and beautiful manner which reflects the signs of healthy bonds and feelings of the bond that is shared among the people. It magnifies the beauty of the bond among the individuals and gives a sense of amazing pleasure which could not be sensed through any other media. 
Nature presents beautiful gifts in several forms. Also, it reflects and shows lots of human emotions and sentiments in a meaningful manner and conveys the messages in a healthy manner through the verbal communication in the presence of the individuals. It is important that instead of smart phones, we come out of the digital life and give importance to other things in life as they would give better meaning and purpose to the life. The roots and connections to the people should be maintained in real life and should break down the shackles of the virtual world which seems to be so temporary.
The nature offers a lot of greenery and natural beauty to the individuals which serves as  a great reason to plan out the get- together and meet people more often in person. The morning and the evening walks are a great way to come out of the digital lives and give ourselves a better way of relaxing and living in the reality and the real world. It is important that the addiction of sticking to the smart phones should be given away as it leading to several chronic diseases and ailments, as the lives are becoming more sedentary, without involving  much of the activities. People should give importance to living with the nature and real togetherness which would strength and build better relationships and bonds with other people which would make life healthy and wise, and the shall grant peace and happiness to the minds.

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