Friday 3 June 2016

Redi-GO ready! Urban Cross

In the present time when one would come to talk about fun, freedom and confidence, DATSUN REDI-GO would break down all the bars and top the list for the awesomeness it has to offer to its owners. It is an amazing fusion of the best features from the best of the cars in the market giving it an amazing look with beautiful exteriors and interiors, which is the first and foremost requirement of any individual looking forward to buy a car with a good average and fuel efficient vehicle at doorstep. The comfort does not seem to be on a compromising side, instead seems to be quiet promising with luxury features and great sitting pattern, beating down all the urban driving blues.
There are some of the amazing features that would make a person go for the this beauty which has impressive exteriors and interiors, offering great amount of comfort and performance. 
The interiors and exteriors of the car are designed in such a manner as to give it a crossover with urban hatchback look with 5 seating capacity for the passengers with good amount of luggage and spacing for everyone. The car is sleek in appearance with dynamic side cut lines which give it a robust look. The head and the tail lamps designed and place with the latest technology embedded into them give it a quality look. The opti-view is another added value point that gives a good view of the surroundings preventing any kind of damage. The indicators and screens on the inside of the car give proper indications to the driver about the fuel requirements, mileage of the car, speed readings and monitoring of the economy of the car. Also, the dashboard is planned quite appropriately. The audio system is as per the latest requirements. The sporty appearance on the inside and outside is an eye-catcher. 
The safety features of the car are again very impressive making the individual to make it a most preferred choice. The airbags, robust crash protection shell ensuring safety from all the corners in the car is not to be ignored. The braking system and the suspension system is a great feature being provided keeping the latest technology in view. The bolster support and energy absorbing steer is a great requirement these days and it is very much fulfilled by the car. This caught my attention and is definitely making me to prepare my mind to go for a test drive of the car and check it for the efficiencies and performance levels that the car is promising. 
I would like to take the test drive from my home to office in Gurgaon area where it takes me lot of time and energy on the way. I would ensure if the mileage is as per it is said on papers, and also for the air-conditioning, opti-view, small turning radius, along with being fuel-efficient and pocket friendly. These are the urban driving blues that I daily face in my schedule and would like to drive them away to quite a lot extent if not completely. I hope Redi-go comes to take me away from the driving blues and becomes my choice of the new car that I am planning.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

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