Sunday 10 May 2015

Sharing is Caring #ShareTheLoad!


In the times that we have come to live and reside a part of ourselves in, we should see and analyse that the sharing of load is essential and should not merely be misinterpreted and misunderstood as simply women's job. It is important to workout on the possibilities of reducing her burden and aid her in carrying out the tasks and several other responsibilities in an efficient and time- saving manner.

Imagining his scenario – where Husband and wife decide to go for a leisurely lunch on a Sunday. The husband gets ready on time and whiles away his time while the wife tries to finish the household chores before leaving for lunch. The delay sours the mood of the couple, which results in a spoiled outing. This is just one example where the inequality in the household chores causes problems in a home.

This is the example presented and also portrays a true situation to a large extent of the mentalities and status that prevails in the Indian household and society today. There is nothing to feel ashamed for men carrying out the household work and helping the female hands in completing the task. It just makes things appear simpler, better and easier for everyone around. This proves to be a great support for everyone in the family helping each other with the household chores and finishing the works timely.

It is important that both men and women in the home realise the value of each other and aid each other in their tasks, and help in carrying out the life's responsibilities successfully. It can be considered a battleground where the choices could be select from the two options which could be, firing of the bullet from the same gun to kill the enemy or using several guns to fire at the enemy at the same time. Obviously, in the second state it would be easier and quicker where the task is completed in less time and in a time and energy efficient manner. This would lead to the glory soon. 

Also, sharing is caring and it is great to handle and manage the tasks with the females in the household activities. It reduces the burden and make things happen at the right time and at the right place with the right pace. This would reduce the work load of everyone and everyone shall be happily lending the prosperous end to the day.

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