Friday 8 May 2015

Ek Nayi League!


Life is a beautiful game and we must live it to the best of our efforts. It serves a lot on its plate and makes us to make the best choices according to our preferences, needs and desires. It is important for all of us to make the efforts necessary to achieve the choices that we have made in life.

Listening about the varying aspects of failures and success through the eminent people is what sets the morale high for a lot of individuals and it aids one to plan and proceed accordingly. It is important that such shows and leagues happen as it assists a lot of budding individuals to schedule and act in the journey of life.

In "Ek Nayi League" by Kapil Dev, he must be showing the optimistic approach to people through their own lens and making people positive about their thoughts and life. In order to make people feel motivated and optimistic in the journey of their life could be the idea of this new league.

The thing that he has been trying to find out through the talks through celebrities and several other people could be follow an optimistic approach in life even after we see failures and meet them in the journey of life. This is a great idea to motivate people through their failures and making people conquer over their fear of failures.

Kapil Dev shall be in a journey to make people understand that we should face the failures with grace and accept them, and then move ahead with one's head held high. Every person in the journey of life sees failures. It is the failures that guide an individual to the journey of success and other beautiful paths in life. Even the celebrities who have achieved great laurels in life faced failures in their lifetime to reach where they are at the moment.

Though "Ek Nayi League" has so far been kept a secret, it would be great to explore and know what it is going to be about since it would be coming from an eminent person like Kapil Dev.

Well, coming to know about Kapil Dev, I have heard a lot about him from my uncle who in his early days have played lot of cricket with him. A cheerful and focussed person, with high levels of determination and enthusiasm which is where he stands in life with great reputations.

It would be a great way to bring out to people the stories of great sports- persons and other eminent personalities who have been the role models of a number of people in the country. This could be a nice way to enhance the motivation levels of people through the explorations of twists and turns of the people who have achieved great heights in life. Learning through the experiences of other people is a great way to take the learning and move ahead in life. Learning is a great art and getting into the possession of it through the best examples in life would be a great asset to the individual.

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