Wednesday 8 April 2015

Advantages of Green Tea!

Green Tea is a great weapon for our body and it fights for our body in the best possible manner, giving the best protection to our body. It is a healthy drink that has loads and lots of proven benefits to its favour.

Going down further, I am hereby listing some of the major benefits that it does in day to day life. 

Firstly, it aids in improving the immunity system of our body. The immunity system is highly develolped with green tea. The body is oxidized in the best possible manner and improves the blood circulation.

Secondly, it oxidizes the blood cells appropriately and hydrates the body cells. It supplies oxygen to the blood cells effectively.

Thirdly, it helps in weight reduction mechanism. It makes the process faster. The effective and visible changes are quite clear and evident with green tea.

Then, it changes the lifestyle of an individual. It keeps a person healthy and fresh throughout the day, and largely keeps one away from the diseases and other ailments.

Another advantatge is that it removes toxicity from the body. It frees the body of toxins. It reduces the blood sugar level and brings it to the normal levels. The glucose and insulin levels in the body are effectively maintained.

It removes puffiness from the body and takes out the excessive and unwanted fluids from the body. This improves body stamia and one stays fresher for longer times.

Also, green tea largely improves the skin texture and tones the bones and muscles by oxidizing them properly and improving the strength and power of the body.

Next in the list is that chances of heart diseases and cancer are largely reduced because the risk of the occurence of high blood pressure is brought down. This is due to the improved immunity as a result of geren tea.

These are the main advantages of green tea and must be made a habit.

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