Thursday 9 April 2015

The Self-governing Secrets of Indians

Indians are globally known for the values, cultures, morals, etc that we as individuals possess and follow them to the best of our possibility. It is matter of great pride that there is lot that we come to learn naturally without putting in any special efforts and take the baton forward of our India to the future in a very appreciable manner.
Some of these could be seen as below:
Respect for elders: This has some unique association in context of India, where we have those values imbibed within us to respect our elders and others, and approach other individuals with grace and respect.
The touching of feet: Bowing down before elders and touching the feet of elders in respect and for seeking the blessings, is a great attribute that we Indians possess.
Covering head during prayers and before elders: These are other set of etiquette that we Indians have instilled in us, taking care of the religious and cultural faiths and executing them in a great manner.
Hospitality: This as a habit that we have is splendid and is praised by people all over the world. We approach our guests in a very humble manner and give them space and make them feel comfortable.
Family values: There is a lot that we teach to our kids like the lessons of unity and integrity, the importance of family values, making them rich with the good morals and ethics which helps them to lead the life hopefully and optimistically.
Helping the needy: The habit of taking care of self and others is self generated. We offer and extend the hand in assistance to the individuals in need. It is a great value that we Indians possess.
We Indians have a lot to offer to the world and has been doing it time and again since the time immemorial and have been taking the values forward in a very gentle and humble manner. We have delivered world class culture and values that find no match anywhere in all corners of the world.
Indians has a unique culture of UNITY, INTEGRITY and DIVERSITY. These make it stand out tall and proud, out from the huge crowd.

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