Monday 6 April 2015

The servings on the plate!

Happiness stands the tallest in life and there is no better bliss that could ever be attained when one is in the good company of the food. The good food satisfies the hunger pangs and takes to the beautiful journey of hunger satisfaction.

It is important to keep oneself happy. I find my all the happiness of life in the good food. I guess, it is same for everyone. It is just that one needs to give time to believe it that food is all that is the ultimate happiness.

Do you remember that time when you crib when you do not get your hands on good food ? Or rather at those times when the food does not satisfy your taste buds, be it at home, or in a resaurant, or a tourist place, or a hotel, or anywhere ?

Well, we always judge the food being good or bad, according to the tastes it carries with it. And, we feel happy when the food served is according to the taste bud's desires and similarly the sad feelings that hit us when the food does not kill that hunger that occupied the space within.

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