Sunday 26 April 2015

The state of mind!

When we are in the journey of life, we see several ups and downs. These ups and downs make us the person we are. We should learn to rejoice and cherish the moments in life, and not just frown at the sad happenings or moments. The tough times are there just to teach us the important lessons of life and make us stand as better individuals in life.

There are lots of instances and several times when we enjoy the most and there are times when we keep ourselves going and happy in our daily life schedules. We should not simply compromise with our life, and instead make wisest efforts to make our life more happening and substantial.

The things that have become a part of me to make the moments enjoyable and worth remembering and they include my home, my family, my office, my workplace and my garden. I have come to realize the slightest and tiniest things can give the maximum amount of happiness if an individual comes to enjoy and learn the art of living. Life is not always a bed of roses and we should make the best out of our life.

My home is my favourite hideout. I love being into its premises. It calms and smoothens my daily schedule and work. The comfort that I experience here is found nowhere else. Also, my family members make it even more liveable place. They keep it alive and make it happening. I love and cherish the way my house has turned into a home. The feeling of being here is something that completes the whole part of me.

A small garden that I manage inside my home is another sweetheart of mine and I love being into its company for as much amount of time as much possible. It has never disheartened me and instead refreshes and fills me with positivity and hopes all the time.

My office and my workplace are again the places of my choice and I love being in the company of my colleagues. They are amazing and have a good sense of humour that keeps the work environment lively and productive. We all enjoy as a team and bring the best out of us, making us achieve laurels with each passing day.

On the pathway of my life, I have come to realize that happiness and the charm is a state of mind and one can find them if one knows how to be happy and calm throughout. There are no good results seen when one remains unsatisfied and confused in the journey of life.

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